YBYC: Negative blood types and Anti-d

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Hello wild one!

I’m so glad that you’re here and that you want to know ALL the information and be informed and knowledgable about being a negative blood type and the anti-d injection. Below you will find the password protected video that provides a comprehensive look at being a negative blood type and the anti-d injection. You will have already received an email with the key points document that you can refer back to without watching the whole video again, as well as a document with some key references that I used or found helpful in my research, for those of  you who like to investigate fully and see the information for yourself! GO YOU!

If you have any questions or would like to unpack how all of this relates to your own situation, I offer 1:1 online birth keeping where we can delve deeper into your specific circumstances and help you to tune into your innate womb wisdom and make a choice that is aligned and right for you. Just send me an email x

Happy watching...