Womb Closing Ceremony

Ritual. remembrance. reverence.

Sunshine Coast + Brisbane

A sacred ceremony to honour the end of your fourth trimester, or the end of breastfeeding, or the end of birthing babies, or honour the end of postpartum after an early birth. This is for all the mothers who love ritual, remembrance, and reverence. It is for all the mothers to honour yourself!

These ceremonies are incredible! They are tailored to you and are a beautiful opportunity to practice self-reverence and honour yourself asmother.Ceremonies can include:
Birth story witness and debrief.
Yoni steam.
Womb closing (Bone closing).
Womb massage.
Sacred womb drum journey.
Birth story release ritual.
Candle vigil.
Forest screaming.
Honouring your unique motherhood journey, your body, your womb, your babies, and yourself as mother.

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