Values + Philosophy

May your values guide you, always

Being free to be me, being free to be authentic and real is the most important thing in my life.
… I want that for you too! 

Here is a little taste of my values, philosophies and how I work… 

I trust women, I trust you, I trust your body, I trust your baby, I trust your innate womb wisdom and intuition, and I truly and completely trust birth

I value sisterhood, and I walk beside you and with you. I don’t view you as a ‘client’, you are so much more than that… You are my fellow woman, my sister, my friend, and my teacher… as I am yours. 

I am not the expert, you are! Yes, I have spent years learning. Yes, this is my life work and I carry much wisdom within me… But, you are the expert of your body and your baby and I will never take your power from you. I always centre you, I always defer to you, I always ask you what you feel, I always check in with your intuition… Because your intuition is the most powerful thing. 

I value genuine sisterhood connection and trust. Without that you will not trust me and feel safe with me, and therefore it’s actually dangerous to have me in your sacred space. I spend quality time with you, getting to really know you, bonding with you and your family, and in turn you also get to know me! This is vitally important, so that we know and trust each other and we can communicate easily and with safety. I am here for all the dark and deep conversations, I am here for all the inner work and unraveling. I am here to see your true self in all her messy glory and love you exactly as you are. There is nothing that you need to hide from me and nothing that will shock me or be ‘too much’. I am a safe space for all the truth and realness. 

I am independent, unregulated and free. It’s really important to me that I remain independent and unregulated by government bodies, or doula agencies, because this ensures I can legally, ethically and wholeheartedly support you. It means I can actually tell you what I think, or what the research actually says, without repercussions. It means that I can truly work for you, not for the government or a doula agency via you. Independent care is actually really hard to get in maternal health care these days, which is why I am maintaining my independence.

I want you to know that I have done a lot of higher education and trainings, and I’ll list them below. But I want you to know that I value them only for the skills and learning that they have provided me with, and not for their certification status, or qualification. I value continued education and learning, and I truly love science and delving into the latest research. I also know first hand the pitfalls and shortcomings of researching, because I’ve been a researcher. With me you get a very powerful mixed bag of science nerd, ex-psychologist, intuition lover, and avid believer in the innate biological power of women.

Okay, so here are all the qualifications and certifications that I have done. I have chosen not to be regulated by any of these agencies. I have specifically chosen not to file any final paperwork in order to avoid being limited by ‘codes of practice’, so that I am able to fully serve you.

Bachelor of Psychological Science (Hons) – Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Master of Psychology – University of Queensland (UQ)

Dynamo Doula training – with Angela Gallo

Birth and Postpartum Doula training – Childbirth International