Postpartum Keeping

For the newborn mammas

Honour. Nourish. Love.

Sunshine Coast + Brisbane

Are you seeking a woman to fully see you and support you in your postpartum time? Are you seeking to be fully held and cared for as the newborn mother that you will be? Are you seeking authentic connection in sisterhood? Do you want to be absolutely honoured and revered in this transformative time transitioning from maiden to mother? Or from mother to next mother? The transformative power of birth and motherhood is immense and it is a lot for one woman to hold alone, especially in our individualistic and isolated society with our village gone… Allow me to hold you, allow me to hold your energy and witness you as you transform from one woman to another. Allow me to witness you raw and vulnerable, allow me to witness you as you unfurl from your birthing cocoon into the mother butterfly that you are destined to become. Allow me to nourish and love you, while you do the important work of caring for new life and rediscovering your identity. Allow me honour your transformation, and revere you as the powerful, raw, incredible creatrix and divine creature that you are… 

I am here to hold you. I am here to support you. I am here to witness you. I am here to revere you. I am here to honour you. I am here to love you. I am here to remind you how magical and powerful you are… Always.

My care and reverence for you during your precious postpartum is custom tailored to suit you. It’s for you, in honour of you, and therefore needs to be exactly what you want and need. Therefore, I am super flexible… Generally my approach includes lots of ritual and reverence… Here are some of the things that I can offer you.

  • Birth debriefing and motherhood identity exploration/coaching
  • Placenta ceremony
  • Womb closing ceremony (bone closing)
  • Motherhood blessing (think mother blessing, but celebrating your new motherhood)
  • Lots of herbs, oils, massage, and yoni steaming (I bring my yoni throne with me).
  • I always bring or make food and nourishment
  • I do odd jobs, like laundry and the dishes, or whatever you need that day
  • I am always down to cuddle your new babe if you need to bath, shower or want some time to have your body all to yourself. I am also so aware of the need to keep your babe on you all the time. I am not here for the baby cuddles (as much as I love them), I am here to hold you
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