Early Birth Circles

They are our babies. we are their mothers.

For the mothers who have birthed dead babes. For the miscarriages, the stillbirths, the terminations. For all the mothers whose babies are not with them.

Are you feeling called to honour your dead baby or babies? Are you wanting to have your story witnessed? Do you want to connect with women who have walked the same path? You have a magical womb that grew and nourished life, for however long. You are a powerful birthing woman, regardless of how or where you birthed your baby. You are their mother and they are your baby. Always. Join me and a very intimate group of women in sisterhood, to honour your baby, honour your birth, and honour yourself as mother.

What's included?

  • 2 hour + facilitated online circle via zoom (you will be sent a link after purchase).
  • Mini drum journey, offering an opportunity to meet your spirit baby, or your inner womb goddess. 
  • Birth story sharing.
  • Birth story release ceremony, guided by the elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. 
  • A safe space to share what’s coming up for you and be fully seen and witnessed, just as you are. All emotions and expressions are completely welcome.
  • Opportunity to ask questions that are relevant to you and your path. 
  • Sing a song together as sisters.
  • A goddess card draw for the collective circle. 
  • A breath together in stillness. 
Next early birth circle

On the Black Moon new moon – at 7pm-9pm (Sydney time) on Wednesday 19th August.