Conscious Conception

For the woman calling in her babe

Are you ready to have a soul enter your womb? Are you ready to feel that transformative energetic obliteration when your body becomes the home of another person? Are you willing and ready to call into being your spirit babe? Maybe you’re a little nervous, it’s such a huge thing to actively be manifesting… Maybe you want a sister to walk beside you on this adventure? A wise woman to say “Your body is wise, she knows what to do, listen and she will guide you”. Maybe you need someone who really trusts you? Maybe you need to be reminded of how powerful you are as a creatrix of life? Maybe you need to be held gently and lovingly in those first weeks and months when your the gatekeeper to earth… and you don’t know if your babe will come earth-side or acquaint you with death and go back to the sky? I can hold that space for you if you allow me to…

I can offer this bundle both online and in-person and here are some of the things that we can talk about and work through together: 

  • Ritual and reverence for the preconception phase, including creating ceremony. 
  • Spirit babes, and the mystic. 
  • Dream work. 
  • Preconception physical health and wellbeing. 
  • Supporting your hormones and the womb space. 
  • Yoni health and readiness. 
  • Supportive herbs, oils and practices. 
  • Readying the relationship. 
  • Sex ritual and sex magic. 
  • Manifestation and intention setting. 
  • Releasing previous birth stories.
  • Holding that space between life and death, holding you tightly in that unknown realm of the first trimester.
  • Honouring you as the divine gatekeeper between spirit and earth and celebrating you as a powerful creatrix of life and celebrating the life, however long, of your babe. 
  • Being open and letting go of control.
  •  Trusting you, your body, your babe, and the process. 
  • Planning and manifesting your pregnancy and your birth. 
  • Centring you and your sovereignty. 

This bundle has been created as a conscious conception companion. I will be there with you, as a sister, for three moons (three months), while you prepare your body, mind, and spirit for beckoning in and ultimately receiving your baby into your womb, as well as walking beside you along the precipice that is the first trimester and holding that space between life and death alongside you. 

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