Women’s Circles Terms & Conditions

Life happens, and sometimes we can’t attend events. If your children need you, you need time to yourself, or something else pops up… You’re more than welcome to cancel your attendance in circle. However, I have implemented the following terms and conditions for myself. These are in order to make sure I don’t spend lots of time following up on no-shows and last second cancellations. It also helps me keep track of my own finances. Thank you for honouring me. 

  • The following are applicable for all types of circles held by Lani Raven, both online and in person.
  • Cancellations are welcome up to 48 hours before the beginning of the circle. You may choose either 1) a refund or 2) a place in my next circle of the same kind. 
  • If you cancel within 48 hours of the beginning of the circle, or you forget to attend, no refund will be issued, however you are welcome to attend the next circle of the same kind (subject to availability – availability can only be confirmed 48 hours before the next circle).
  • If no circle of the same kind is available, a circle of a similar kind can be attended instead. 
  • If the similar circle is set at a greater cost than the circle originally purchased – the balance will be due to Lani Raven 48 hours prior to the alternate circle (at the time of availability confirmation). 
  • If the balance is not paid, you forfeit your place in the similar circle. 
  • If the similar circle is set at a lower price, you forfeit the difference in price.  
  • It is your complete responsibility to follow up with Lani regarding attending a subsequent circle. It is not Lani’s responsibility to follow up with you. 
  • If you fail to follow up with Lani and attend a subsequent circle within 3 months of the original circle you purchased, you forfeit your place in circle. 
  • Places in subsequent circles are subject to availability.

Thank you for your understanding and honouring my energy. It is simply not within my energetic capacity to follow up with so many beautiful women. Much Love xx